Jack's Alchemy Recipes & Info

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Here are all of the default potions.

Admins can use /viewpotions to view/get potion items

All Potions

Ingredient Potions

These potions give no effects

Electrolytic Solution Oil of Vitriol Volatilium

Teleportation Potions

Recall potion teleports you to your bed if you have one set. Return potion teleports
you to your last death location, but can only be used once per location.

Recall Potion Return Potion

Movement Potions

Each of these potions lasts 90 seconds, and will provide
the player with the ability to walk on their respective liquids.

Water Walking Potion Lava Walking Potion

Effect Potions

These potions will give an effect or multiple effects.

Shine Potion Absorption Potion Titan Potion Veridi Potion

Radial Potions

Each potion will create an effect in a radius for 90 seconds,
such as lighting entities on fire in a 8 block radius.

Inferno Potion Hunter Potion Candle Potion

Loot Potions

Drinking these potions will affect block/entity drops for 90 seconds.

Rainbow Potion Farming Potion Midas Potion


Other potions that don't fit into a category at the moment, 90 second duration.

Lifesteal Potion